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About the Furry Blogger!

Tiana Rabi, or Timer Rabbit is either mentally unstable, or the fact that she carries a unique mind in her head that made her sane enough to draw cute, unique, quirky… Or all of the three options. Tiana also adores “anime” characters as well beings who had animal features like herself. Giving credit to the magical genre for a fixed mind, her ideas will continue to display something “different” to the fanart category, as well continue to come up with her original magical girl story: “Heartcross: Magical Girl Sweetkiss Momoko”! 

In short. She loves bunnies, My Little Ponies, magical girls, and “monster gilrls” (succubus, werecats, etc.).

Timepiece (art by iveechan, colors by me/Tiana) is the ponysona of Timer Rabbit, a kind yet neutral Earth Pony who resides in Ponyville when she is on vacation from school at the tiny island of Neighpon. Her family runs a clock shop with Father Time as the creator of his own clockworks, while Mother Time serves as the traditional stay-at-home mother-mare. Timepiece can successful break the 4th wall for a minute until it breaks the spell. She was not aware that her sole existence is nothing but a fantasy created by Tiana Rabi herself… Her Cutie Mark excels her talent in “telling time” as well keeping track of her own… But little did she know that she had a magical talent within the mark.

"I am a walking character that I love myself personally that everyone hates."

Sayaka Miki, or “SayaMika" was not the magical girl you see on TV or manga. She is a wondering child who seeks out for an idendity she can fit herself in, pumping her self-estem to it’s positive fullest by "painting herself" by colorful products. Sayaka breaks the 4th wall and sometimes like to pull the "Too bad! It is only Sayaka!" jokes. No one knows what happened to Kyousuke Kamijou’s sickness, but later in about a year he was recovered by a miracle of an unknown source. It was not Sayaka either.

When the world evolves, Sayaka also discovers the wonder of sacred magic. Normally “magical girls” is all just a myth or a fairy tale, but her fate meeting up with the fairy had caused her wish “to connect with the digital world” end up turning her body into broken graphics or coding and can manipulate her own “magic” to create something that does not exist into real life.

"I think that the strangest or unique people or creature that exist are the most interesting or nicest folks you have ever met. Don’t judge them, okay? <3"

Sayaka then felt sympathy for the basic meme concept for the “Espurr” and uses her magic to create one, educating the little creature that no matter how strange it is (especially with it’s well-known “blank stare”), it will be loved, cared, and respected by many.

To find Tiana’s artwork on this tag, click here!

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