A personal and former RP blog. This will serve for Timer's reblog stuff and drawing dumps! Take note that I like magical girls.

Do take note that some material might be NSFW (R-18), so view my blog at your own risk!

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Tumblr RP Blogs

Luna Illusione [HIATUS] - Alternative Universe or Canon Luna Tsukuyomi

Invincible Hymn [HIATUS] - Alternative Universe Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace

The Witch of Hopes [HIATUS] - Corrupted Madoka Kaname/Godoka with crossovers…

The Magi-Destind of Light, Madoka Kaname! [HIATUS] - Digimon universe Madoka Kaname (with Gatomon/Tailmon)

Spade Protector [HIATUS] - Alternative Universe Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword (and Dabyi)

The Lolicon Punisher [HIATUS] - Alternative Universe Megpoid Gumi (and Rin Kagamine) inspired by "Complete Punishment Lolita Complex".

Master Lancer [HIATUS] - The Tumblr version of the Multi-Verse/Verse-Adjustable Kyouko from AniRoleplay. This is the back-up and extension of both that and RPBook (as well the long-dead “LRPE” site.) At the moment “Mono-Kyouko” spotlights the stage!

Roleplayer.me/AniRoleplay Profiles

Mami Tomoe/Candeloro and Jessica Ushiromiya [SELECTIVE] - The two characters behind Yayoi’s “story” and the separated account of “Vestire Strega”.

Kyouko Sakura [HIATUS] - Multi-verse/verse-adjustable Kyouko Sakura. Can be canon, were-cat alternative (with multiple characters), or blend to another series-based verse. An extended verse-Kyouko (including the NSFW category) can be found on her RoleplayBook.

Mana Aida/Cure Heart [HIATUS] - A more canon yet loose Mana Aida from Doki Doki PreCure, with a bonus package of Sharuru, her fairy partner.

Espurr+Nia - A Poke-verse for Espurr, Wild or Tamed. If tamed, the trainer Nia from Pop’n Music is present. Espurr and Nia has their own Tumblr, which you can check it out!

Junko Enoshima [SEMI-HIATUS] - Dangan Ronpa verse that can be adjustable. Depression/despair trigger(s) will happen.

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