A personal and former RP blog. This will serve for Timer's reblog stuff and drawing dumps! Take note that I like magical girls.

Do take note that some material might be NSFW (R-18), so view my blog at your own risk!

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My RP Pages

Tumblr RP Blogs

Luna Illusione [Semi-Active] - Alternative Universe or Canon Luna Tsukuyomi

Invincible Hymn [CLOSED] - Alternative Universe Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace

The Witch of Hopes [CLOSED] - Corrupted Madoka Kaname/Godoka with crossovers…

Master Lancer [CLOSED] - The Tumblr version of the Multi-Verse/Verse-Adjustable Kyouko from AniRoleplay. This is the back-up and extension of both that and RPBook (as well the long-dead “LRPE” site.) At the moment “Mono-Kyouko” spotlights the stage!

Roleplayer.me/AniRoleplay Profiles

Mami Tomoe/Candeloro and Jessica Ushiromiya [HIATUS] - The two characters behind Yayoi’s “story” and the separated account of “Vestire Strega”.

Leone [HIATUS] - Akame ga Kill(!) muse and recycled Kyouko Sakura account.

Nia + Meowstic - Pokemon x Pop’n Music verse for Nia and her Espurr/Meowstic. She runs her own blog which you can check it out!

Toa + Meowstic  - Pokemon x Pop’n Music verse for Toa (Nia’s relative/sibling) plus it’s Meowstic (and other Pokemon). This character is linked to Nia by blood. For more information, please check Nia’s Tumblr on Nia’s description!

Espurr - Same Espurr for Nia’s account, but she has her independent account now.

Diantha [HIATUS] - Poke-Verse account from the XY games/anime and “key account” for Nia.

Clemont [HIATUS] - First Roleplay.me profile and obvious Poke-verse, but willing to try to bend some rules around for other verses… Let’s hope he can survive.

[MCRP] SHSL Despair [Semi-Active] - Dangan Ronpa x CROSSOVER verse and housing characters such as Kyouko Sakura, Cure Sword and Korrina. R-18 (blood and violent themes)!!! View at your own caution!

Bad End March [HIATUS] - Smile PreCure verse for Bad End March. Canon and AU mix. Might contain mature (R-18) content for possible blood or intense violence. Don’t take her words to heart.

Brief(ers Rock) - Panty and Stocking verse, but mostly because we need a not-so-hooky Brief who tries to reason with Panty like the good two-shoes, but Panty will never give this kid a break. No one plays that kind of Brief and this is sad. He will come back folks!

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